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Stickman 2 by Celvan

2011-09-02 11:39:27 by Celvan

It's out! Please rate 5! :)

Stickman 2 by Celvan

I made a new song. Check the Audio Portal to hear it. It's my first attempt at electronic music so it may not be as good as the other ppl out there. Also, Stickman is updated and bugs are all fixed. And I uploaded HARRY POTTER AND THE INEVITABLE END

New song up! Stickman is UPDATED :D.


2011-08-30 22:54:55 by Celvan

Got hacked by that dude: "deleted" gawd.
Well I got my account back.
And I uploaded "Stickman"!

2 New Games!

2011-07-04 17:17:36 by Celvan

So I upladed two new flashes...check it out!

New Flash!

2011-04-19 13:08:25 by Celvan

Well, I'm back from my hiatus, and I've got to say. I think my flashes have improved...ALOT.
I submitted one, I hope you enjoy!

New Flash!


2009-09-02 09:40:39 by Celvan

I came back home from The Smoky Mountains in less than 10 hours! I'll try to make way better movies ad games now. Sorry about all those stupid flashes I made.


2009-07-03 11:18:02 by Celvan

YES!!!!!!!!! I finished Stick Ninja and M.J vs The fallen!!!!!!!!!! But now this stupid ban!

Stick Ninja

2009-06-27 19:09:47 by Celvan

I just finished Stick Ninja. But now I have this stupid ban!

Flash Bash

2009-06-21 19:24:13 by Celvan

Sheesh! I can't submit my new awesome flash just because of my ban of submitting stuff. Now I have to wait 8 whole days just to submit a swf file that's 1.6 MB.

Thank You *Sob*

2009-06-07 15:36:33 by Celvan

Thank you Gokenshadow for criticizing me for my mistake. Thanks for the tips. Did you notice you wrote the most? I will definitly learn form Silly Bear.